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As the youngest in a family of mechanics, Jim grew up in New Jersey working as a 3rd generation auto mechanic. Jim learned from his father’s and grandfather’s talents for repairing cars at Buck’s Garage. Jim extended his toolbox when his father said he should and learn to fix aircraft, learn to fly and go to business school. Jim’s father was an aircraft A&E mechanic and Sergeant in the US Air Force and National Guard. In 1987, Jim headed to Embry-Riddle and became the first FAA certified A&P mechanic, private pilot and MBA graduate from Buck’s garage in New Jersey.

For over 30 years, Jim soared with airlines like Hawaiian, Southwest, AirTran, and AAR Airlift, crafting maintenance and technology solutions for their technical operations. He transformed MRO IT systems, climbed the ranks to SVP of Technical Operations, and held CTO positions at AAR and Oliver Wyman CAVOK. Through it all, a yearning to bridge the gap between technology and operations grew stronger.

In 2020, the AeroATeam was born. Jim’s vision? To assemble his network of industry veterans, the best-in-class minds he’d met on his journey and offer airlines a potent blend of talented airline veterans and cost-effective IT solutions. Today, the AeroATeam isn’t just a consulting and technology firm, it’s an aviation brotherhood. We are the seasoned professionals the airlines call upon. The hands that have worked on turbines and the minds that define technology. We are the turnkey answer to many challenges in technical and flight operations. Jim’s journey and unique business model has brought together the experts. A testament to the legacy of Buck’s Garage and many similar stories of the hard-working colleagues of the AeroATeam.

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